Booting Out the Children of My Mind

I’m probably a bad mom.

My first book, Under Every Moon, is a speculative poetry collection written over the course of 30-ish years during which some poems were published in magazines. Stylistically, the poems reflect my wandering nature and range from forms to free verse, rhymed to unrhymed, and in varying lengths.

The second book, Leyfarers and Wayfarers, is a collection of short stories, some previously published, some new, all speculative. Stories in it represent various sub- and sub-sub-genres (science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, slipstream, science-fantasy mash-ups, urban fantasy, historical fantasy) ranging in styles from traditional to literary to experimental.

Both books contain illustrations I did. I also enjoy drawing.

My own copies already gather dust. It’s a cooled relationship with these word-kids. I tend to their marketing per publisher requirements, but my heart moved on.

Other stories make the rounds through submissions. More are in work, and I’m stretching into new-for-me territory of creative nonfiction. As nice as it is to see my published books and individual works available, the call of writing more is too insistent and I’m too restless to ignore it. When I finish with one work, I make sure it’s dressed, shoes shined, and teeth brushed, then I boot it out into the wider world. I tweak and nit-pick at it if it comes home without finding a place of its own, then boot it out again so I can spend time with the next mind-child(ren). If a particular story is part of a larger milieu, it might receive additional attention, but for the most part, I don’t spend a lot of time cooing over the children of my mind. Because…

Because the story volcano between my ears is still erupting. Publication hasn’t cooled it in the least.

For a writer, maybe that’s as it should be.

To find available works, links are as follows:

Under Every Moon is at

Leyfarers and Wayfarers is at \

My short story “Suntosun Shipping” is in Different Dragons II (anthology) at and at

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