My Kind of Bling


Bling–the pervasive “in” thing nowadays. Jewelry, clothing, even cars are described as having it, and it somehow relates to a shiny, attractive, sexy image of those displaying their bling.

Ubiquitous as mosquitos in a swamp.

Apparently, it started with imagining the sound a cut diamond makes when light scintillates (pretty word, isn’t it?) on the facets. The meaning broadened to other showy (and shallow) things.

I suppose that’s fine for those who like their butt jeans sparkly, watches flashy, purses gleaming, rings glittery…


Show me a diamond-tipped drill bit, a diamond-impregnated grinding wheel, or a tube of diamond polishing compound, and my heart soars.

But it need not be only industrial diamond tools. It need not be only the machines to use such tools. The old Lindsay Technical Books catalogs had the same effect. (Aside: I always loved the catalog’s disclaimer and safety caution that started with If…

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