Sentient Appliances

Reminded of this when a light appeared on the car’s dashboard. I’m sure it has meaning intended to be intuitively understood. It looked like a musical instrument — a lyre. Is my car judging my choice in radio stations? Does it want a classical selection? Maybe a little Chopin or Bach?
I checked the car manual.
Low tire.

Journeys of the Clayfoot

I confess a love/hate relationship with techy stuff.
When it works, fine. Lovely.
When it doesn’t, I want to drop-kick the techy item through the nearest window.

Maybe I’ve read and watched too much science fiction where the tech goes all wrong. One of my early introductions to the dark side of artificial intelligence was Colossus (later made into a 1970s movie). And then HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey. And the gunfighter android from Westworld.

Et cetera.

Anyway, the glitchy side of tech is never far from my mind.

It doesn’t seem to matter how expensive the tech is when real glitches happen. For a few years, I operated a quarter of a million dollar machine that sometimes refused to shut off. Many attempts to troubleshoot and repair the glitch failed. Repair technicians knew it was a sticky relay, but even repeated replacement of the offending part didn’t…

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