Starlight and Other Ruminations

Today is the release of the Summer 2018 issue of The Tishman Review, an issue that includes my essay “Starlight Through Five Apertures.”

The issue can be read online for free at and there are links to Amazon for purchase of a Kindle or printed copy.

The folks at TTR were awesome to work with through the editing phase after accepting my essay for publication. Their suggested changes ironed out a few wording wrinkles, amounting to little more than polishing tweaks. Knowledgeable. Professional. Respectful. Truly a delight to work with them.

Last night, on the eve before this issue’s release, I stepped outside for a little stargazing. The sky wasn’t overcast, but there was just enough haze to obscure all but the brightest stars directly overhead. Trees in full summer leaf obliterated the rest.

Although I’m primarily a speculative fiction writer, my forays into other genres usually reflect that leaning in some way. It wasn’t until I wrote “Starlight Through Five Apertures” that I realized how heavily I drew on research for my science fiction stories and how much it influenced the occasional nonfiction and poetic works I also write. Always sort of floating around somewhere in my hindbrain, but never really at the forefront of thoughts.

As I searched the sky, other works I’ve written came to mind. One title after another. Once published, so many of them vanished. With some, the publisher didn’t archive older editions or otherwise discontinued the availability of the issue/book. With some, the publication closed permanently.

Reprints are notoriously hard to sell. It doesn’t matter whether a work first appeared on a blog or whether a publisher only made a limited print run to a select niche/group. The First Rights on unpublished work is what most publishers want, what they require.

No starlight twinkled inspiration at me, but a decision was made. In the weeks and months ahead, published works that have fulfilled their exclusive contractual period will appear on this blog. Those that have vanished into reprint-status limbo will be here. There will also be a few pieces never officially published elsewhere but that don’t fit anywhere else either.

Welcome to another road along the often-twisted ramblings of the clayfoot journeys.

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