Upcoming Release: Suntosun Circus

I’m thrilled with the cover artwork for Suntosun Circus! Once again, Merel Pierce Designs has done amazing work!

I’m equally delighted that AdeCiro Publications has made this steampunk/historical fantasy so dear to my heart now available for preorder. Release date is set for February 4, 2022.

“As demon doubles of global leaders begin breaching reality’s borders, Sophie Asher and her family join a paranormal circus of covert hunters. Their goal: destroy the doppelgängers before the demons unleash worldwide terror & destruction.

But even as Sophie struggles with her growing love for the aleksei Kazimir, her passion for the circus, and her own identity, turmoil is raging within the troupe.

Can they overcome the challenges mounted against them, or will darkness obliterate everything they know and love?”

Excuse me while I decide whether to happy-dance or swoon!


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