This is a dual About.

Journeys of the Clayfoot is a solo. Just me, with my flights of fancy interspersed with thoughts and observations.

I’m a Midwest writer, artist, tinker, and jane-of-many-trades with far too many interests. “Tinker” is the operative descriptor for me, although “juggler” works, too.  On any given day, I may be writing, making soap, working with the dogs, running a lathe, drawing, painting, carving, beadwork, fiber arts…  Somewhere shoved in there is my job, too.

Writing is the enduring passion that trumps lesser or transient ones.  My primary genre is speculative fiction—science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, slipstream, as well as other sub- and sub-sub-genres under that wide umbrella—but I also write poetry and creative nonfiction. I love working with a variety of forms and styles, so my stories range from traditional to literary to experimental.

I have the boredom threshold of a three-year-old but the tenacity of a terrier when I’m locked on any project(s). I enjoy the challenges and adventures of the mind and of life. My husband and our dogs understand. The cat doesn’t.

Mechanikhan is a duet.

My husband and I share a love of tinkering, of machining, of creating. Expression of that love ranges from doing repairs to inventing/modifying parts to repurposing tools to designing and making real versions of occasional items from my stories. Posts are signed by whichever of us is writing. I tend the keyboard mainly because I can type with nine of ten fingers and can edit, too. He’s a two-finger typist and prefers machining to copyediting.

We harmonize well.

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